How To Be Great Nurse: 15 Characteristics Needed By the Modern Nurse


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It goes without saying that nurses are the unsung heroes in the society, giving ourselves to our jobs, day in and day out, which was especially obvious during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the nature of our job, we need to the take the guesswork out of our everyday practice in terms of how we should conduct ourselves.

For nurses who constantly asks themselves questions like “how do I become better a nurse? or “how do I apply myself appropriately at work? this book is for you.

“How to be a Great Nurse” is an instruction book written by a nurse for nurses. It lays out 15 essential characteristics that the modern nurse needs to possess to ensure that they practice safely, effectively, and professionally, with examples of how, when and where those characteristics can be adopted and applied. The book aims to make the nursing journey less tedious and decrease the apprehension that nurses, especially newly qualified nurses, experience when it comes to what is expected of them by their colleagues, superiors, patients, and the public.


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