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It goes without saying that nurses are the unsung heroes in the society, giving ourselves to our jobs, day in and day out, which was especially obvious during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the nature of our job, we need to the take the guesswork out of our everyday practice in terms of how we should conduct ourselves.

For nurses who constantly asks themselves questions like “how do I become better a nurse? or “how do I apply myself appropriately at work? this book is for you.

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Chapter 1

Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” (Oxford Dictionary, 2021)
I am a great advocate for empathy in nursing as personally, I feel when nurses are empathetic, all the other personal and professional attributes will come naturally to them. When you have empathy as a
nurse, the patient’s pains and worries become your pains and worries.

You treat them us you would want yourself, your family, or loved ones to be treated. You go above and beyond the call of duty for them. In my opinion, empathy is not a skill that can be taught. Empathy comes naturally to some people and being unempathetic does not mean you are not fit to be a nurse or are in the wrong profession. On the other hand, being empathetic does not mean that you burden yourself with all your patient’s problems. No. It just means that you want to make their journeys through the healthcare system pain-free, harm-free, and as seamless as possible.

Empathetic nurses are compassionate and, therefore, respectful of other people’s beliefs, stories, boundaries, or wishes. It does not take extra effort by nurses to be empathetic. Showing empathy to your patient could
mean you giving the patient an extra blanket to keep them warm or giving a post-operative patient some pain relief before they even get to the stage when their pain might become too much. 


how to be a great nurse:  Preview

15 Chapters


 “How to be a Great Nurse” is an instruction book written by a nurse for nurses. It lays out 15 essential characteristics that the modern nurse needs to possess to ensure that they practice safely, effectively, and professionally, with examples of how, when and where those characteristics can be adopted and applied. The book aims to make the nursing journey less tedious and decrease the apprehension that nurses, especially newly qualified nurses, experience when it comes to what is expected of them by their colleagues, superiors, patients, and the public.



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Uplifting, enlightening and insightful! A great book for student nurses to learn from and for qualified nurses to relate to and reflect on. I urge everyone to get a copy”.

Kimberley Arthur (RGN/ Registered Midwife)

The message is so clear, and the reflections are so thought- provoking. This book ought to go viral. Great job done

Mary Max (Writer and Editor)

If we desire to become great nurses, we need to put in the effort. This book is a wake-up call for all nurses

Abigail. A. Ayensu (RGN, Health Educator)

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