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Over 10 years ago, as a newly qualified nurse, i struggled with transitioning from student nurse role to a nurse role. For many years after qualifying, i still found it difficult to navigate my career as i had no one to signpost me to the different types of nursing careers that were available.

                                                                                                         This caused me a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction with the pace at which i was developing professionally. Once I was able to find my feet and decide on a career path, I made a promise to myself to be the go-to person for nurses who are also struggling to find their way around the profession. That was when i decided to become a coach and a mentor to nurses; to help them find their why, where, what, how and when in nursing.

                                                                                                      My passion is to help nurses realise their potential, navigate their careers by understanding their roles and purposes, and to help them feel empowered to develop themselves personally and professionally.

01. band 7 infection prevention and control (ipc) nurse

For over a year and a half, I was an IPC Lead Nurse for a Private Hospital where I was in charge of the day-to-day IPC Services for the Hospital. I currently work as a Band 7 IPC Nurse with a local NHS Organisation in a management, support and advisory role. 


I have been a panelist at several nursing forum discussions which aimed to empower nurses to think outside the box and to become nurse leaders and nurse innovators.

03. volunteering work

For over a year now, I have been one of the Board Directors of a Non Government Organisation (NGO)based in Ghana, West Africa. I help the NGO to secure funds and plan for projects such as Menstrual Hygiene, Malaria Prevention and Control, Hand Hygiene and Child Sponsorships.

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Join me and a group of very knowledgeable and highly skilled nurses. 

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